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Linx Donates £2,520 to Support Organisation Against Domestic Violence

Refuge UK provides twenty-four-hour support for women and children experiencing domestic abuse. The organisation was originally nominated by an associate to be one of Linx’s annual charities that the business supports in 2022.

To continue its commitment to charitable outreach, Linx jumped upon the opportunity to acknowledge its female employees as well as support the important work done by Refuge.

“I am pleased to have the chance to recognise the tremendous contributions of the women at Linx, by donating in their honour to an organisation dedicated to supporting women and children experiencing domestic violence,” says Adam Pierson, Linx’s Managing Director.

It is estimated that 2.3 million adults in the UK experienced domestic violence in the last year, with women making up 1.6 million of this group.

With such a strong impact on women, it was an easy decision to honour the women of Linx Printing Technologies with a donation made on behalf of each of them going towards such an important cause.

Adam Pierson concludes, “At Linx, care for our team is one of our core values.  Contributing to Refuge UK enables us to live that core value with a broader group of women and children, at a time when support is critical for them.”